Escuchemos. Let's listen.


Danielle Ponder and the Tomorrow People (subtítulos en español)

In this video we talk to Danielle Ponder and you get to hear both her amazing voice and the funk-inflected sounds of the Tomorrow People accompanied by Jimmie Highsmith Jr. on saxophone as they play  Ponder’s new reggae tune “Floating” at a show at Water Street Music Hall. The Tomorrow People include Carlton Wilcox on bass, Kholaa on backup vocals, Cori Owens on drums, Gary Brown on guitar, and Brandon and Avis Reece on keyboards. / En este video hablamos con Danielle Ponder y tienes la oportunidad de escuchar su increíble voz y el sonido funk del Tomorrow People acompañado por Jimmie Highsmith en el saxofón.

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